Gross Morphology Of Permanent Tooth


This chapter provides an overview of tooth morphology, including a review of tooth anatomy, tooth development, and associated nomenclature and numbering systems. First, basic tooth morphology nomenclature is presented. Next, various tooth numbering systems are described and discussed, and the Federation Dentaire Internationale (FDI) system is detailed. Third, tooth surfaces and ridges are explained along with terminology, followed by an explanation of tooth crown and root anatomy. Fourth, the stages of tooth formation are described, starting with the bud stage, and followed by the cap stage, bell stage, and maturation. Annotated diagrams are presented for clarity. Finally, two currently accepted hypotheses explaining tooth formation are presented.

  • Must Be a Dental Student.

Course Outcome

You will learn about Tooth Morphology

Course Contents

  • 1. Assignment: Assignment -1

    Draw about anamel tooth

  • 2. Assignment: Final Assignment

    Describe and analysis the full lessons

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